24 Hour Monitoring   

With our 24 hour monitoring service we keep track of your needs, analyze the problem and dispatch the appropriate personnel (police, fire or ambulance) to your home or business.  Most home owners receive a discount on their insurance premiums when they have a 24 hour monitored security/fire alarm system in their homes.  Monitoring is also a way to keep track of any potential problems that your system might be having.



Cellular & IP Communications  

Cellular & IP communicators allow monitoring even if there is no land line available.  A cellular backup communicator will still communicate even if the land line is down or has been cut.



Service, Experience, Reliability 

Our central station provides customers with the best service and broadest range of services, as well as assured reliability. In a rapidly changing industry, we stay up to date with technologies.

To support and apply these technologies, we have a dedicated, well-trained and experienced staff at our central station. Our central station employees:

  • Average more than 5 years of experience
  • Include a number of individuals with more than 10 years of experience
  • Must pass a pre-employment drug screening and rigorous background check
  • Must complete an intensive 30-day training program
  • Must pass the CSAA Central Station Online Level 1 course after 90 days


Backup protection for lives and property

Backup Protection for Lives and Property Redundancy is critical to reliable central station services. As required by our UL certification, our central station backs up every piece of vital equipment. To ensure continuous protection of lives and property